Manchester United Our Old Trafford Tour

They call it the theatre of dreams.

It certainly was a fantastic place with all the history in and around the stadium.

Il start by saying we are not Manchester United fans ourselves but we have a lot of family members who are. So we decided a long time ago that when we are in Manchester a tour around the stadium is a must for us if only to take photos for family and friends. As it might be the only chance we will get while here in the UK.

The tour prices range from £18 for adults and £12 for juniors.

(prices April 2017)

You will most defiantly have to book your time slot for the day even though there is a tour with a guide every 30 minutes they are booked up sometimes weeks in advance.

Try booking the tour through a second party like Virgin we did and saved 20 percent per person, saves to shop around.


I know what you’re thinking that the pitch is not very green. That’s what we were thinking also then our tour guide told us that after every season they re-grow all the grass at a costing of near a million pounds. Sounds like a lot but when your paying some players around £300,000.00 per week it’s not really that much.

The tour takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. It starts at the other end of the museum and finishes at the entrance to the merchandise store “coincidence I think not”

You can take as many photos as you’d like during the tour you just have to be pretty quick about it because you don’t have much time as the tour guides are hushing you on quite quickly.

Manchester United selfie

Included in the ticket admission is the museum tour, which you can take at your own leisure either before or after your stadium tour

After your tour around the stadium and you have wandered around the museum and took your selfies with all the silverware they have a cool restaurant where you can relax and have a cold drink and a meal. All the seats have the players names on new and old be sure to pick out your favourite.



The best way we found to get there was to catch the train to Deansgate train station then walk over the bridge to the metro link, from here catch the link down to Trafford. The first thing you will notice is Old Trafford cricket ground keep walking straight following the signs for 10 minutes and you will be there “you can’t miss it”


If you have the option to go by car then the address is :

Sir Matt Busby Way
M16 0RA


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