About Us

Hello there, We are Mark & Orawan

The British and the Thai the couple from opposite ends of the world

See into our lives….

As many of you may or may not know we met in August 2014 and since then we have hardly spent a day apart with a little help from our friend “Skype” 😉 She is the most amazing girl in the world.

Myself, I am from England where we sit around drinking hot cups of tea talking about politics all day blurgh!! My lovely Orawan (Oor) she is from Thailand originally from Nong bua lum phu but now lives in Bangkok.

We have started this website so we can show our family’s, friends and anybody who wants to see our adventures and misadventures.

Have you ever wondered what your life will be like in 10 years, well we have and this is what we will look back on and think wow!! were we really that crazy.

Be prepared to witness some crazy videos and outrageously corny photos with some perfectly timed funny moments. When you’re in love you don’t mind how you look in a photo just the fact that you have someone to share that moment with makes you happy.

Who are we….




Mark (The Turtle)

Hi, my name is Mark my friends call me Ched, I was born in the north-west of England. As you may have guessed I adore turtles fun little creatures aren’t they.

I am also a huge fan of anything that’s made out of timber walnut, oak, cherry that stuff is like gold to me, give me a wooden turtle and we will be friends forever 😉

I love traveling and experiencing new countries and their cultures when I can afford to :/ currently I am doing some freelance work while traveling.





Oor (The Owl)

Hi, My name is Orawan, you can call me Oor its a very easy name but I like. I look like the owl because when I finished work and came back to my room the first thing I did is shower and sleep ^__^ I used to wake up around midnight to work on my hobby (I Design jewelry with stones) and to talk with my boyfriend (Mark) he always finishes work around this time.

Time of us its very different (around 6 hours) but it’s not a problem for me, I can do because I love him. I will sleep again same time with him it is little funny but I always do this all the time.

I love traveling because I can find inspiration for my jewelry designs and design of my life. I like learning about people from other counties and their cultures (Different people different thinking).

I love to take photos, Photos create everlasting memories we can share with people all the places we have been and when I’m older I can look back on of them. Do you know I love traveling with my boyfriend I feel safe (like hero protect ^0^).

I work for a company about Gemology its hard work but good for experience.

One day I wish open my own company about jewelry design (Its my dream)

If you like what you see come and find us we are everywhere we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we even have some videos on YouTube

Don’t be shy, come say hi!