Wedding photo
Married In Thailand, We did it!
Are you a foreigner wanting to get married in Thailand? I’ve read many posts/forums on the things you need to
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The large 747 airplane in the field
Airplane Graveyard Bangkok
So you have your trip to Thailand planned and are now looking around for something cool to do. An airplane graveyard!
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Thai alphabet
Learning the Thai Alphabet – The 44 Consonants
Learning the Thai Alphabet – British Speaker the 44 Consonants Ever thought about learning Thai? Start with the Thai Alphabet.
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Rivington England
Rivington England one day Trip! How to go by Bus & Walk?
Visiting Rivington England is a day well spent. It was the fist time for Mark to try the new bus
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Thai lesson material
My first Thai language lesson in Bangkok
I had my first Thai language lesson today in Bangkok and surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Orawan
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100 Iron Man Statues On Crosby Beach
There are indeed 100 iron man statues facing the sea located along a 2 mile stretch of Crosby beach, England.
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Manchester United
Manchester United Our Old Trafford Tour
While we were in England another thing we ticked off our list was an Old Trafford Tour, the theatre of
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Orawan on the pier with Blackpool tower in the distance
23,000 steps Cleveleys to Blackpool
So we decided to take a trip to Blackpool this morning and stay one night in a bed & breakfast.
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Atop of Winter Hill England
Get To Know Us Q&A
We have decided to do a little Q&A for you beautiful bunch. Some of you may know only Orawan or
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