Rivington England one day Trip! How to go by Bus & Walk?

Visiting Rivington England is a day well spent.

Bolton bus station, England.
We were starting our trip by bus, this is Bolton bus station, England.

It was the fist time for Mark to try the new bus station in Bolton, Which was newly built-in 2017. I had to teach him how to use it because I had already used the station when I came to the library by myself the previous week. The new bus station looks huge and they have a lot of systems more than the old one.

You can check any bus times from the website also: https://www.tfgm.com

There are 3 main companies in the North-West First, Stagecoach and Arriva. If you ask for an any bus day-saver this will let you ride any of the 3 in and around Greater Manchester for the day. They usually cost around £5.60 per person which is well worth the price if you plan to use the bus many times during that day.

stagecoach gold
Top floor of the bus stagecoach gold

Whilst on my travel trip in England. I wanted to go everywhere, as you do! I had to prioritize my most important places. Plan where and what I wanted to see and when I wanted to see them. Rivington England made the long list.

Rivington hall & Hall barn this way
Rivington hall & Hall barn this way

Some of the best memories we made were when we went on a trip to Rivington. All the greenery around me and the birds singing. Most of all the fresh smell of nature it was one of my most favourite days out. The first thing you might notice in the distance is Rivington Pike on top of a very large hill.

Here is the video of one of my favourite trips to Rivington England

P.S did you see I made Mark carry everything 🙂

Rivington England is just through Horwich and just before Chorley. Has attractions like a huge old barn constructed in the early 16th century. That they have now converted into a restaurant where they also take bookings for parties and weddings. There are a large amount of biking/walking trails, You can get a guide map from the information centre close by.

Liverpool Castle
Liverpool Castle with winter hill in the background
Inside the broken old Liverpool castle
Inside the broken old Liverpool castle


Liverpool castle archway
One of the few archways still standing


Reservoirs and more


They have a huge lake where a lot of the walkers like to take their dogs swimming here. They have an adventure playground called Go Ape! I think!! Breathtaking views from the top of Rivington Pike once you have climbed to the top that is. On a clear day its said that you can even see Blackpool tower from the top.

Rivington Reservoir
Rivington Reservoir

Dog in the waterDog drying off

Dogs just love fetching their sticks and their balls for their owners.

Giving nature a big hug
Giving nature a big hug
Two golden retrievers
I found my two best friends

The Chinese gardens are a place you could sit and relax while you eat your snacks. Liverpool castle which you see in the video is a broken old castle but is great for some good photographs. Beware at night-time it is very spooky, so much more check the Wiki here.

Go Ape Adventure
Go Ape Adventure for all ages
On our way to Rivington Hall
On our way to Rivington Hall

If you are ever there on a weekend you will notice a large amount of motorcycles. They all congregate here on Saturday and Sunday to chat and see who has the bigger bike.

Trail Post
Trail Post marking out walking areas

They have many trail walks which you can find, Some being harder than others. Follow all the yellow posts for a lovely wilderness walk and they will bring you back in a complete circle.

Autumn time in Rivington
Autumn time in Rivington
Mark taking in the fresh air
Mark taking in the fresh air


If you are ever in that corner of the country, We recommend you take a day to experience Rivington.

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