Get To Know Us Q&A

We have decided to do a little Q&A for you beautiful bunch.

Some of you may know only Orawan or some of you may only know Mark and many of you may not know any of us. We are sure this quick Q&A will give you a little insight into our lives and help you get to know us a little better we hope.

• What is your full name?

My full name is Mark David Lovatt

• Any siblings?

Yes I have two brothers, and of course I am the middle child

• Where were you born?

I am from England I was born in a town called Bolton just outside of Manchester

• Why the turtle?

I think it originated from when I used to watch TMNT when I was a child. I guess turtles are very chilled and do things very slowly. just like me =D

• What is your most embarrassing moment?

The moment I will never live down was when me and a few friends were playing a game of pool, One of them played a great shot, one of them shots you all raise your hands for a *high 5*. 

Of course I put my hand up and waited but nothing happened, So “as you do” I casually brought my hand down while curving it round my ear acting all natural, and of course my friend’s had to witness the tragedy 🙁 Anyone who has been left hanging via a high-five knows how I felt that day.

• Tell us a secret nobody knows?

I once went to The Lion King the musical on my own and managed to convince the two families sat at each side of me that the other one was my family, so they didn’t think I was there alone. To my amusement I managed to pull it off for the whole 3 hours 🙂

Now for Orawan’s Q&A


• What is your full name?

My full name is Orawan Jumjana

• Any siblings?

Yes I have one little brother

• Where were you born?

I am from Thailand but I was born in a small city called Nong bua lam phu its very far from Bangkok It is a good place for me.

• Why the owl?

I like to wake up at midnight to work on my hobby and to talk with my boyfriend. It gives me the feeling I need to sleep in the daytime so I am like an owl haha. It’s funny because I did the same like this when I studied in university. We liked to work at nighttime (creating new designs and sketches) because it was very quiet at that time and easier to create new designs, In the mornings I had to give my homework in before 9 a.m. Then I had to go to my lectures.

when I finished all my classes I would go home to sleep and work again at midnight so now its easy for me to wake up at midnight to work on my hobby and talk with my love.

• What is your most embarrassing moment? When I was in Bangkok for the first time with my aunties and my niece. I had a story about cooking at MK restaurant. My aunt told me to put an egg in the pot so I put it in too early and my aunt looked at me and laughed. She told me no no no you have to break the egg and mix it then put it inside the pot. I was only 14-years-old and very innocent and was very shy but I just told myself nobody knows me. I just eat and happy with my food.

• Tell us a secret nobody knows?

No I don’t have any secrets .I have only other people secrets 5555. I will tell you later because I can’t remember my secrets. 🙂


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