23,000 steps Cleveleys to Blackpool

So we decided to take a trip to Blackpool this morning and stay one night in a bed & breakfast there with the weather predicted to be a nice warm Sunday we thought we should make the most of it.


We don’t get much sunshine in England so when we do we have to make the most of it.



We were on a rather tight budget so Mark’s mum kindly offered to drop us off at Cleveleys beach as they were going to a couple of car boot sales nearby. With it being Β£28 for two people on the train we jumped at the idea of free travel.

Mark, Orawan, Paul (Mark’s brother) and Crystal (mum’s baby)


After wandering around a couple of car boot sales with family and buying a couple of things ourselves, we went on to Cleveleys beach front. As we arrived at the beach my mum offered to take us a little further as far as Bisphum, but with knowing she had already taken us this far we said we were fine to walk from here.

Any chance for Orawan to try her new fitbit out.

The night before we already hyped ourselves up for the 8 mine walk along the beach from the far left side of Cleveleys beach to the furthest Blackpool pier. With Mark having a sore foot from our 5km run the day before this was going to be somewhat of a challenge for us.

The start of the journey and the very clean shoes



At the start of our journey, Mark with his Ankle support on.

Parts of the beaches were mostly bigger stones and pebbles so we tried to walk with our shoes on for the first part of the walk but as you can see turned our trainers an awful colour and with travelling light we both only brought the one pair.

follow me I will show you the way

Almost on Bispham beach Orawan took her shoes off, always loved the feel of sand and water between her toes.

It was easier and more comfortable to walk in the water as the ripples on the sand made it very uncomfortable on your feet as it wasn’t your typical (white sand beach) this is very stiff and hardened sand either way it gave the bottoms of our feet a good massage.

We met a few little friends on the way, Cleveleys beach and Bispham beach are really fun places to take your dogs out for a walk many of them were bouncing in and out of the sea chasing their tennis balls.

We are almost there the first Blackpool pier of our journey the first of three


Almost there we could see Blackpool tower in the distance so we decided to head of the beach to find a much-needed ice-cream and a toilet.


Orawan eating her Ice-cream

We made it to Blackpool tower only another mile from here to where we want to be.

By this time it was about 3pm in the afternoon and we still had no B&B for the night Orawan was getting a little worried, what if after all this walking we cannot get anywhere for sleep. I replied well we can always sleep on the beach,


So after a few snaps at the tower we carried on walking to where we thought there were some cheaper budget bed and breakfasts.


Our little graffiti on Blackpool beach




We finally made it after 4-5 hours of strolling down the beach front, it was a long journey but we finally got there and managed to get a room for the night.

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