100 Iron Man Statues On Crosby Beach

There are indeed 100 iron man statues facing the sea located along a 2 mile stretch of Crosby beach, England.

When we heard of this we had to go and check for ourselves.

Photos of the sculptures
100 Iron man statues
Iron man statue
Iron sculpture
Iron sculpture at the start of Crosby Beach
100 iron man statues
Many more statues in the distance

The 100 Iron man statues or ‘Another Place’ is the correct title for the exhibition are a form of art sculpted by Sir Antony Gormley. All the sculptures face towards the sea and are approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall.

iron sculpture
Sculpture taken by the sea
Beware of the tide

The 100 Iron man statues are very well-traveled, There 1st Exhibition in Germany then they went on to Norway and even had a short stay in Belgium. As of 2007 they have a permanent residence of crossly beach just north of Liverpool.

Iron sculpture with crustaceans
Iron sculpture with crustaceans

The iron statues are scattered across the beach.The ones closer to the sea have a lot more shells/coruscations on them from repeated crashing by the waves. When the tide rises most of the statues are completely submerged with only a few of them with their heads bobbing out of the water.

I just hope the coast guards can distinguish between the head of a statue and that of a real human.

One of the more stylish Iron sculptures
One of the more stylish Iron sculptures

stylish iron man

I dressed up one of the statues with my hat and scarf

It was a cold day in late December I should have thought to bring some wellingtons but it didn’t cross my mind

‘who takes there wellingtons to a beach’

after the fun day I had sinking in the ‘quicksand while trying to take a decent photo I advise you to take some great waterproof boots

Crosby Beach sinking sand
Crosby Beach sinking sand

My trainers when I finished. Next time I will invest in some wellington boots just in case its like this again.

Video showing you what the beach is like. it’s a bit of a death trap in some places as you can see.

Crosby Beach by Bigturtlesmallowl

It was a great day apart from my shoes being ruined. A wondrous sight to see for anybody who is close to Liverpool for a few days. Just beware of the sinking sand.


Watch more videos like this here


Location  : Crosby, Merseyside

Access  : Blundellsands and Crosby railway station
Hall Road railway station

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